Savage Rifts: Death Ascendant

Savage Rifts: Death Ascendant
What has come before

    On a world many dimensions removed from Rifts Earth, there was a time when the gods were cast down from the heavens. During this Time of Troubles, many gods died, and many new gods arose. Amongst the fallen was Myrkul, The Old Skull, the God of the Dead. He was slain high atop an archmage's tower in the heart of that world's greatest city. 

   But Myrkul was a cunning old god, before his destruction he hid a fragment of his essence in a cursed iron crown secreted away in the archmage's vault. Mysteriously,  the crown disappeared that night, and was lost. Or so it seemed. 

   Many years passed and nearly all traces of Myrkul were erased from the Realms. There was a new God of the Dead, a fair and just judge of the departed. Many of The Old Skull's followers and faithful converted to the worship of other dark gods, some however stayed true. 

   After an ages long slumber, The Knights of the Undying Dragon awoke to find their God had fallen. The Grandmaster of the Order, and ancient Lich, still felt the presence of his master. 

   The Dark Riders of the Order scoured the Realms, searching for any sign of their God. It was in The Fields of the Dead that their paths crossed with a band of adventurers from Elturel.  These heroes found themselves on the same quest,  harried at every turn by the riders of the Order.

   It was after the Battle of Candlekeep that the heroes learned that they sought The Crown, and that it had somehow made it's way into the hoard of the Black Dragon Myyrrk. They braved the swamp that the dragon called home and delved deep into it's lair. The battle was fierce, but the dragon was slain.

   The victory,  however,  was hollow. Amongst the heroes was a weak and cowardly gnome called Roondar. It was he that found the crown. It was he that donned it. It was he that succumbed to the power of the crown and betrayed his companions. 

   Soon Roondar-Myrkul returned to the Fields of the Dead. His undead army layed siege to Elturel and by dawn it had fallen. Upon the ruins of the city, he built a great city of the dead, The Necropolis. 

   His reign was short lived.  His former companions returned at the head of a Shining Host. The Host battled through the undead to the center of The Necropolis,  the heart of Roondar-Myrkul'so power. The battle was won,but Roondar had one final  trick.He fled across the gulf between world's. Hot on his tail were the last of her former companions,  the Moon Elf Archer Snowbell and the Sun Elf Bladesinger Vettis.


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